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Thu Jun 28, 2012 2:20 am


FL Studio 10.8 Public Beta

We are pleased to announce that you can now download & try the FL Studio 10.8 Public Beta. Please read the text below before downloading it. FL Studio 10.8 was released October 2 2012 and will expire December 1 2012.


I ACKNOWLEDGE THAT the purpose of public betas is to test future official FL Studio release versions. PUBLIC BETAS EXPIRE in order to encourage users to download the next beta (if available) and continue testing. I WILL NOT rely on Public Betas for any time or project critical work. I realize a new beta may not be immediately available when this one expires. If I complain when a public beta expires, stops working or crashes I can expect to be taunted by Image-Line staff and fellow users for ignoring every attempt to educate me as to the potential issues when using an FL Studio beta.


You download the FL Studio 10.8 Public Beta HERE (249MB). Expires on 1 December, 2012. Put this in your calendar.

You can download a new regcode (either from your user account or from FL's own about box) to register BassDrum and GMS.

Bug reports - Discuss bugs/issues in the FL Studio Public Beta Forum.

Known issues
  • Maxx Plugins - FL native versions of Sawer, Toxic Biohazard & Groove Machine won't load presets saved with the project. VST's are OK
  • MP3 rendering - Fails. Temp fix - Copy the lameenc.dll to the FL 10.8 Beta folder from another FL install OR from C:\Program Files (x86)\Image-Line\Shared.
  • FL Studio VSTi - Sometimes fails to load. Fix: extract the attached file "FLVSTi_1.1.15.zip" into your VST plugin folder
  • FL Studio ReWire - Sometimes fails to load. Fix: extract the attached file "FLReWire_1.0.20.zip" into the FL folder
What's New?
  • Playlist - Playlist track count increased to 199 (up from 99).
  • Content Library & Downloaded - Option to show Content Library as a tab in the Downloader.
  • New fonts & Animations - Check the General Options for 'Animations' to change their prevalence.
  • Bugfixes - Lots.
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