MIDI out to Synth to audio back in. Lag in audio.

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Thu May 23, 2019 10:59 pm


MIDI out to Synth to audio back in. Lag in audio.

New to MIDI. I've got a Microfreak and I am playing around with it and it doesn't seem to sync properly.

I made a simple pattern in FLStudio going MIDI out channel 1.

I have a USB to MIDI IN/OUT dongle. I used MIDI OUT to Microfreak MIDI IN.

I press play on the pattern I get the doot doot doot through headphones.

I also have audio out of the Microfreak going into an Effects Processor (Running it dry - no effects turned on) which also has USB audio support. I set FLStudio mixer channel to audio in 1. I can play the pattern and I can hear the pattern just fine. It doesn't sound delayed. I can speed the BPM up and down and it follows fine.

I set up an audio track and record to it. The recorded audio seems to be BEFORE the pattern.

Is this most likely because I should pick up a dedicated audio interface like a Scarlett or is there something I might be missing?
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