Peak Controller : Having Fun and learning how to 'Side-chain' with it.

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Mon Oct 04, 2010 2:27 pm

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Peak Controller : Having Fun and learning how to 'Side-chain' with it.

Hey guys,

Here's an alternative to plain 'vanilla' compressor side-chaining using FL Studio :

1. Use an FL Peak Controller on your kick insert, press unmute.
2. In the 'PEAK' Section of Peak Controller, set BASE to 20% and VOL to 200%.
3. Now you can choose to 'side-chain' whatever knob/control/volume you want, just by right-clicking that knob/control and selecting Link to Controller.
4. As 'Internal Controller' , choose the 'Peak' option only and then in Mapping, select 'Inverted'.

This is the basic way to do this and it allows so much finer control over everything you would want to sidechain. Here's why :

Since it is actually a pretty simple formula in the form of :

[ Output = 1 - Input ] , where 1 is the actual/original volume before doing any sidechaining, you can apply this in different 'doses' per insert track, just by changing the formula. e.g. [ Output = 1 - (Input/2) ] will only nudge your volume halfways instead of just outright muting your insert volume.

If you hate watching volume faders going up and down in your mixer then you can just apply the whole thing to a PanOMatic inside each insert mixer track. ( Just right-click VOL inside PanOMatic and Link to controller. )

The possibilities are really endless. Here's some to get you started :

You can use a 'stealth' kick on a separate channel which will only drive the sidechain.
You can also use this to 'side-chain' your reverbs and delays so that when your vocals are playing their level is lower, but as soon as the singer stops, they will 'automagically' come back to life.
Or make any sound control an EQ.
Experiment with all sorts of different formulas!

This is something which I've really come to love about FL studio and I'm sure you'll have gobs of fun exploring!


John (aka dousk)

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