Sytrus matrix amount and operator volume - request for clarification

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Mon Nov 21, 2016 10:45 am

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Sytrus matrix amount and operator volume - request for clarification

Hi there,

This is a request for clarification on the relationship between the OPERATOR SEND LEVELS in the SYTRUS FM MATRIX and the individual OPERATOR VOLUME CONTROLS. I am using the version of Sytrus that comes with FL Studio 12.4 (the nice new vectorial one) but I’m sure this applies to other versions.

The online manual for Sytrus states the following:

The Modulation Matrix:

You can't automate the knobs in the FM or RM matrix. However, for FM you can automate or modulate the Volume knob (VOL) on the Operator (Oscillator) Module. This has the exact same effect as modulating the matrix knobs since you are changing the amplitude, and so amount of the Frequency Modulation.

My conclusion on reading this was as follows:

I set the FM matrix knob to a certain amount which then acts as a max send level, and the VOL knob on the oscillator scales the FM amount from zero (VOL knob turned all the way left) to the max value I have set in the matrix (VOL knob turned all the way right) IN THE SAME PHASE DIRECTION. The manual only mentions amplitude as an effect of the volume control.

When I went to test this however, I found it was not true.

The VOL knob seems in fact to be a bi-directional knob where the mid position is equal to zero modulation, and turning it left and right affects BOTH the amount AND PHASE DIRECTION, independent of the Matrix knob position.

IMHO this functionality is not at all clearly explained and could use some further clarification. At the very least the VOL knob could be presented in the UI as a bi-directional knob.

It is not at all clear from the manual what purpose the Matrix knobs serve, given that the amount and phase direction can be controlled from the VOL knobs.

Thanks for your patience in reading, and thanks to GOL + all the team for such an amazingly complex piece of equipment!
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