DX7 presets in Sytrus compared to Dexed

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Sat Dec 03, 2016 12:59 pm

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DX7 presets in Sytrus compared to Dexed

First off, I'm not trying to start a heated debate. I'm just wondering if I'm doing something wrong or if I missed some settings for using DX7 presets in Sytrus. Or is it best skip trying to tweak the Sytrus import and just stick with using Dexed for certain DX7 presets?

I was previewing DX7 presets in Sytrus when I decided to try Dexed to see if I could browse them more quickly. I was amazed at the sound difference of the same patch banks loaded into Dexed.

I realize Dexed is a more narrowly focused DX7 emulator, but I wonder if I am missing some special settings or tweaks to get similar tones with DX7 presets in Sytrus.

I've attached an example of the difference I was hearing. This audio clip compares three presets, one first played by Dexed followed by Sytrus. The bassline is from Adam Szabo's "One Day" demo song.

Presets are KIRCHE 1, MERMAIDS, POLYMOOG from Aacustom.syx "Tek DX7 Bank" posted by Teksonik at KVR.


0:00 Dexed: KIRCHE 1
0:07 Sytrus: KIRCHE 1
0:15 Dexed: MERMAIDS
0:22 Sytrus: MERMAIDS
0:30 Dexed: POLYMOOG
0:37 Sytrus: POLYMOOG

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Wed Dec 07, 2016 12:58 pm

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Re: DX7 presets in Sytrus compared to Dexed

nucleon wrote:Importing a DX7 patch into Sytrus...

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