Indicators for active FX modules?

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Thu Dec 15, 2016 10:25 am

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Indicators for active FX modules?

IMHO the most important change made to Sytrus when it went vectorial was the addition of indicators to the modulation section, to show which parts are in use.

Prior to this you had to go through EVERY tab when trying to analyse presets/patches, which was extremely frustrating.

One more small request then:

Please could we have some kind of indication for which of the FX modules are in use?

There are 3 delays and a reverb hidden behind each other with tabs to select them, and it is not obvious which tabs are in use- which can be slightly frustrating.

Could the tabs perhaps be highlighted when that module is in use?

I think this change is in line with the logic behind the indicators on the modulation section- it would help users to see what is going on.


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