'Full' Drum kits in Sytrus (2 variations on the theme).

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Its Clipping
Wed Apr 05, 2017 1:47 pm

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'Full' Drum kits in Sytrus (2 variations on the theme).

Here's a couple of 'drum kit' patches I originally made for a recent track in the looptalk Sytrus contest. These have been slightly tweaked and improved from the original versions though.

Demo example:
IC Doldrums example 1.mp3

FL Project: (for that .mp3 demo)
IC Doldrums example 1.flp

doldrums 1 + 2 pics.png

(See the info bar in the patches for the main drum notes.)

IC_TheDolDrums 1.2.fst

IC_TheDolDrums 2.1.fst

For more depth/width/decay and other sonic variations, try playing around with the unison section especially. For ORD I recommend orders of 1 to 4, maybe 5 if you're lucky. PiTch from 5-45%. VeLocity to taste, and the PHase and ENvelope settings can really make drastic width/phase/timing changes when ORDer is above 1. Totally worth playing around with to help fit your sounds into an actual stereo mix better.

Sound wise, though they are a full basic kit in each preset, in practice if you do use them you'll probably get much better results using multiple instances of them and sending each drum noise to their own mixer insert and EQing them seperately etc.

If any of you end up using them in an actual track you like, feel free to share the results here. I'd definitely enjoy hearing what you do with them.

Enjoy folks. ;)
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