Template for morphing/blending waveforms in Sytrus

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Wed Apr 26, 2017 9:37 pm

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Template for morphing/blending waveforms in Sytrus

<updated 2017-04-25>
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What it can do

In Sytrus, control (morph/blend) the timbre of the sound by changing between the elements of a series of 5 interpolated waveforms



- each Sytrus OP (1 through 5) carries a distinct waveform that is an element of a progressive series of 5 interpolated waveforms
- create movement in timbre by morphing between these waveforms via X-modulation on the Sytrus 'XY Pad'
- automate 'X' via Automation Clip or in the 'Mod X' of the Piano Roll

How to use

1.) Creating waveforms: In Sytrus, create a unique waveform in OP1 and a different one in OP5. Within the OPs, different individual waveforms can be created by either moving the sliders, drawing the harmonic series in the 'OSC' tab or by dragging a .wav file (ideally with a single cycle waveform) onto the waveform graph

2.) Waveform series: Establish the waveform series by clicking 'Options (downward arrow)' --> 'Morph oscillators 1 through 5'. This interpolates all waveforms from OP1 through OP5

3.) Morphing: To create movement in timbre, control the active waveform by using X-modulation on the Sytrus 'XY pad' while playing MIDI notes. Appropriate 'MOD X-VOL' settings (20% increments with overlaps) have been pre-mapped for each of the OPs 1 through 5

4.) Automation: Automate morphing by placing an 'Automation Clip' linked to 'X (XY Pad)' into the Playlist or on a per-note basis by dragging sliders in the Piano Roll 'Control --> Mod X' section

5.) Y-modulation (optional): In the provided preset (.fst), Y-modulation has been wired to 'Filter 1 Cutoff'. The filter is turned off by default. To activate the filter, turn on 'Filter 1' by selecting 'Single (1x)' in 'Filter Mode'. In theory, any of the XY-amenable targets can be connected by modifying the curve in the appropriate 'MOD Y' tab. If desired, automate 'MOD Y' as described above for 'MOD X'

6.) OP volume: Adjust volumes of individual OPs in the FM matrix (Row F1), as some waveforms may feel louder than others. To automate changes in OP volume, link the 'VOL' knob of each OP (located between 'Phase' and 'PE' knobs) to Automation Clips

7.) OP pitch: For added variation, change the pitch (Sytrus: 'Frequency Ratio' and/or 'Frequency Offset') of one or more of the OPs. To stay in key, apply multiples of 2 or 0.5 to the 'frequency ratio'. If you want to go crazy with pitch, apply envelopes in the 'Pitch' tab of each OP, then automate the respective 'PE' knob using Automation Clips

8.) FM: OP6 is not used and remains available for frequency modulating any or all of the other OPs


FL Studio preset (.fst; morphing/blending triangle to rectangular wave) and example project (.flp; morphing/blending more complex waves) attached
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Sat Jun 03, 2017 3:37 pm

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Re: Template for morphing/blending waveforms in Sytrus

My experimentation with waveform morphing based...
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