Amplitude Cancellation in sytrus [tutorial]

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Sat May 23, 2020 6:43 pm


Amplitude Cancellation in sytrus [tutorial]

I've used sytrus for 2 years now and I could never figure out how to properly cancel sounds every wave cycle. I was trying to make edm basses and saw basses but something was missing. Yesterday I finally figured it out. If you perfectly ring modulate a square wave with any other wave at a way lower frequency, it creates notches in your sound. If the ring modulation isnt the right amount however, you won't get any cancellation. This is how EDM artists create all that grit in their sound and I'm so happy to finally have found what I was missing. I feel kind of stupid for not figuring this out sooner. Thanks for reading :shock:

So how to do this correctly:

Set your sytrus to the default preset.

in OP1 choose your desired waveshape that you want to be gritty. I would start with a saw/square because it will be way easier to hear the cancellation later on. The frequency of this wave doesn't matter that much but for the tutorial just put it to 2.0000x

now we move onto OP2:
turn your waveshape to a square wave/supersquare. Just remember that the bigger the notch in the square wave, the bigger the notches in your sound. Make sure to bring down the frequency ratio to something like 0.0500x or 0.1000x
you will need this to make sure the sound is getting properly phase cancelled.

Ring Modulation is the hardest part but im gonna lay it out in an easy way for you.
first click RM in the bottom right and then modulate OP1 by OP2 at around 80% of full.
you will immediately notice something strange is happening to the wave form if you look at a spectrograph. Keep fine tuning the ring modulation until you see a perfectly flat line in the wave. If you cant get the flat line perfectly you may have to go back to OP1 --> MOD tab --> MOD X and set a slanted line there. Now go back to the main tab, and nudge the mod X to get the perfect flat line.

If you did everything right it should sound gritty and poppy. If you can hear both waves at once you either messed up ring modulation step or the phase of OP2 is slightly off.

go back to OP2 and bring it up to 0.2500x or 0.5000x frequency ratio. now we get way faster notches and with unison and detune this has potential to create many different monstercat / EDM basses. If you cant get it or need more explanation please feel free to respond to this and I will get back to you.

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