DirectWave Update 2014

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Tue May 13, 2014 4:09 am


DirectWave Update 2014

DirectWave has been updated to allow some advanced auto-patch creation options based on filename formatting.

Get the 32/64 Bit update here.

Manual here

  • From Disk operations (menu) > Extract root key from filename - Sets the sample root key from the end of the file name, e.g. Strings_C4.wav will set the Root Key to C4. C4_Strings.wav won't work.

    There are additional functions available when used in conjunction with the Open > Create program from samples option. Use the file name/s with on an _ (underscore) or - (dash) separating the last characters, everything after the _ or - will be interpreted according
    to these rules:

    • Multiple Commands - You can use multiple sample program settings using the + character to separate commands.
    • Root notes - A through G is a root key: C#5, D2, ...
    • Key range - K, it's a key range, min and max separated by a "-". Example: 'KC3-B3' for the entire octave 3.
    • Velocity range - V, it's a velocity range (between 0 and 127). Example: 'V64-127'
    • Trigger group - T, it's a trigger group. There are four subtypes: TG = group index (0..99), TY = type (0, 1, 2 or 3 for normal, cycle, random and avoid previous respectively), TF = frequency (0..100 for the percentage), TO = overlap (0..100 for the percentage)

    For example: samplename_C4+KA3-F#4+V64-95+TG1+TY3+TF100+TO15.wav sets root key = C4, key range = A3 to F#4, velocity range = 64 to 95, trigger group = #1,
    trigger type = avoid previous, trigger frequency = 100%, trigger overlap = 15%.

Regards Scott

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