Direct Wave gathering dust?

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Thu Jul 30, 2020 9:02 pm


Re: Direct Wave gathering dust?

AxxeMan23 wrote:
I incidentally found that AIR Structure 2 does a wonderful job
You mean it loads the samples into the plugin. The same thing every other sampler does.
I need something that is up to date and working as opposed to the current version of DirectWave that doesn't even install on modern Windows OS's properly.
I'm running Windows 10, latest update, and it installed and works fine. Didn't even realize there was any issues until visiting this thread.
What would like it to do that it doesn't currently do?
You think Transfuser 2 is more up to date? Have a look at the release and update notes. Mac compatibility has been the only update in like ten years.
There is NO excuse Image Line continues to sell this VST in it's current state.
If you don't want something don't buy it.

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