Analogue Drums Big Mono for FPC

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Sat Feb 13, 2016 3:06 am


Analogue Drums Big Mono for FPC

Edit Feb 2021: This kit is still available. See details below.

There is a very nice free kit from Analogue Drums, called Big Mono. You may have heard of it , or may already have it.

The kit was originally for Kontakt, Battery and Logic (now only for Hydrogen) and is mono. But I have made a patch for FPC and a multi out template (.flp) which brings it out of the Mono realm and gives you some more control. The template routes each drum to it's own mixer insert which are all labelled and sent to a submix. Load this up and you are ready to rock. If you prefer to do your own mixer routing, or want to drop it in an existing project, just load one of the 3 FPC patches. If you just want to use some elements, or would like to re-map the kit, I have also included multi layer FPC Pad presets for each drum.

Most of the kit has 16 velocity layers, which is rare for a free kit of such high quality. It gives you a lot of variation and sounds quite realistic. If you want to hear just how real, check out this short demo I made using the FPC multi out template:

You can download the FPC patches and template here:
(Don't forget, this is only an FPC patch and template for FL, you need the free Big Mono kit from Analogue Drums for it to work).

FL Studio 10.0.9 (or higher),
Analogue Drums Big Mono kit

Important! - Analogue Drums has closed up shop. Their commercial kits are still available here. The link for the free Big Mono kit above is working again, but is now hosted on You will need to follow the instructions below to extract the samples for the kit, as it is a hydrogen file (.h2drumkit)

  • Download 'BigMono.h2drumkit' from this page (use the download button on the top right, or one of the mirrors listed).
  • Rename the file to something like 'BigMonoTemp' and change the file extension from '.h2drumkit' to '.zip' ie ''
  • When Windows asks if you are sure you want to change the file extension, click 'Yes'
  • Now you can unzip the contents, which is just a single file named 'BigMono' It has no file extension so we need to give it one. It is actually a zip file, so rename it ''
  • Inside is a folder containing all the samples for the kit. Unzip this to wherever you like. Put the .fst file and .flp templates for the FPC kit (which you downloaded above) in the same folder
Be sure to add the folder location to FL Studio's Extra search folders in Options > File settings.

Have fun.
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Re: Analogue Drums Big Mono for FPC

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