Roland SE-02 Dashboard

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Sat Oct 21, 2017 5:00 am


Roland SE-02 Dashboard

Roland SE-02 Dashboard:
I have been using FL12 Dashboard to control the Roland SE-02 in my home studio with great success.
I have not been using the USB cable, rather a standard Roland MIDI cable connected to a MOTU micro
lite USB MIDI interface, which is connected to my computer via USB; however, the direct connection via
USB cable should work the same (not tested).


Download the .zip file... unpack.

1) Place "SE-02" Folder into:
[your Image-Line folder]\FL Studio 12\Plugins\Fruity\Generators\Dashboard\Artwork\

2) Place SE-02.fst file into:
[your Image-Line folder]\FL Studio 12\Data\Patches\Plugin presets\Generators\Dashboard\

Once loaded in FL12, set-up the correct MIDI channel and Port, and you should be good to go.

Other Notes:
All virtual knobs and switches on the SE-02 dashboard control SE-02 harware via
midi CC commands. To have the SE-02 dashboard reflect the actual condition of
each knob and switch of the physical hardware, the end user must first check to
make sure FL12 midi-in is turned on for the corresponding hardware, then one-by-one
right-click each individual knob and switch in the dashboard interface, select
"link to controller", and then wiggle / toggle the corresoponding physical knob
and/or switch on the physical hardware. This, similar to "MIDI learn", will
link FL12 dashboard knobs and switches to the physical hardware. However, this
type of linking is not a prerequisite for use of the dashboard (as a MIDI controller).

with the dashboard open, upon "Save" of a FL12 user session, the dashboard will
save the modified state of the dashboard to the latest condition, thus when
reopening the file again later, the SE-02 dashboard will appear excactly as saved,
and the physical hardware will sound exactly the same as the original session, thus
eliminating the need to save/recall preset patches and/or reset knobs.

Download file: ... 1prTjJLSGM

Panel View: ... TNhR0VfT2M

Hope this is of some benefit to you.

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