waldorf microwave II/XT/XTK ctrlr panel

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Sun Aug 19, 2012 6:40 pm


waldorf microwave II/XT/XTK ctrlr panel

I just made available a pre-release demo of a dashboard/editor for the waldorf microwave II/XT/XTk,
rev 2.498 is available through: http://www.monstrummedia.com

below is a screenshot and the current readme with installation and set-up/usage notes.

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                   _                 _ _ _             
 _____ ___ ___ ___| |_ ___ _ _ _____| | | |___ _ _ ___ 
|     | . |   |_ -|  _|  _| | |     | | | | .'| | | -_|
|_|_|_|___|_|_|___|_| |_| |___|_|_|_|_____|__,|\_/|___|
monstrumWave 2.498 BETA
August 18, 2012

New Features since 2.2:

Compatible with nightly CTRLR revs 1100< 
*Arpeggiator can now be edited in user mode!!
*Fully interactive visual envelope editors for free and wave envelope!!
Program Name now displays on-screen in the mock XT LCD screen!!
MIDI in from synth LED indicator on panel, LCD contrast control
Dozens of new dynamic components which appear only when available for current parameter settings (Distortion Effect Amp Type, Filter 1 Wave, etc)
"Parameter Link" allows linking of Osc1 and Osc2 parameters as well as Wave1 and Wave2. Can also simultaneously link Osc/Wave parameters and modulation.
"Init All" button initializes all sliders and selector boxes from max to min value. 
Double click any knob/slider to reset value. 

no sysex dumps to/from synth
no MultiMode

*Know this:
-- This revision is limited to Device ID 0. Synth must be set to this ID for successful communication between the panel and synth.
-- Attempting to edit preset arpeggiator pattern on red LED step buttons will change the arp mode automatically to "User" mode. After the blue User LED arp step buttons appear you may edit the arpeggiator steps. 
-- Some quirkyness will be noticed when dragging points on Free & Wave envelopes
		Current quick fix is to double click the envelope to redraw. "Quirkyness" does not effect the values being sent to the synth. 
--Effect parameters (p1, p2, p3) may slide out of range when switching between effect types and adjusting p1-3 due to waldorf bug. 
		Current quick fix is to set effects drop down to "off", then back to desired effect.		


****This beta release of monstrumWave requires you download and install the latest build of ctrlr for your operating system. 
****The latest ctrlr builds are hosted at www.ctrlr.org, under the "Downloads" page. 
Save the monstrumWaveBeta_2_497_DEMO.bpanelz to a desired location on your hard drive. 
Install Ctrlr following the installation notes currently on the ctrlr download page -> http://www.ctrlr.org/page.php?p=downloads
Pay special attention to your os's approprate VST/AU path when installing ctrlr. 

Using monstrumWave 
Either Open ctrlr in standalone mode (recommended) or open your favorite DAW, then load a ctrlr vst instance. 
In vst mode, you must enter the panel properties (red "HAL" icon in tool bar or right click>panel properties) and adjust the MIDI settings properly.
Recommended settings: enable "Accept MIDI from Host", "MIDI Input goes to Comparator" and "Output MIDI to Host". 

Set the MIDI I/O Devices appropriately. MIDI Devices are selected in the toolbar at the top. Leftmost selection box is the Input Device and channel. Output Device and channel is set to the right.

You should be able to take off running from here if you have things set right. 

If you are not familiar with ctrlr, I recomend spending some time looking through the forums at www.ctrlr.org to get a feel for things. 

please report any issues/bugs/suggestions to:


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