Collab - Explanation and download

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Collab - Explanation and download

Collab is an application to allow 2 or more people to work together on a song with FL.

How to install
If Collab wasn't installed by the FL Studio installer, you can download its installer here:
1. download the attached zip file
2. extract it anywhere on your harddisk
3. run the installer file ("collab_install.exe") and follow its instructions

First time
1. Start Collab
2. You will see a wizard pop up to help you configure Collab to run for the first time. Follow the instructions it gives you.
3. When you finish the wizard, Collab will connect to the server

There's normally no need to change any settings on the Connection page of the Preferences window. Note that it could be you can't connect if you're behind a firewall (at work, for example).

When you log in, you'll automatically join the Looptalk channel (if not, press the Looptalk button). Here you can talk to other FL users in real time and find people to collaborate with.

Latest version:
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