to raise your collaborative workflow>> Teamviewer

contains the latest version of Collab and its development

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Wed Jan 13, 2010 2:31 pm

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to raise your collaborative workflow>> Teamviewer

Teamviewer is a software usualy meant for distant assistance but can be used in many ways such as screen sharing and stuff...
It doesnt implement audio but one could select "what you hear" as an audio source recording and have an audio chat in msn with a small delay.

Using teamviewer is free and non-free... one can buy it, but it's useable for free as they do regular updates.

It is recommended to not install the software but to use it as a standalone. (this is an option availliable in the software's exe)

The software will create a 9 digits code that is used to link 2 computers together. What has to be done is to give the digit to your collaborator and have him to paste it in his/her instance of TV.

Then the collaborator's desktop will appear.

It can be done in both sides, but not simultathingously.

There are other softwares doing the same but i couldnt name them, i encourage you all to name them in the thread to complete the informations :)

I whish this announce will raise the collaborative workflow of all of you, modern compositors. :)



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