Guides for making Chop / Arpeggiator patterns

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Wed May 11, 2011 9:39 pm


Guides for making Chop / Arpeggiator patterns

Guess I will put this here for safe keeping.. Thanks to another poster..

Guides for making Chop / Arpeggiator patterns
Chopper and Arpeggiator patterns are regular Piano roll scores, but are interpreted in a special way to fit the purposes of the Chopper and Arpeggiator tools. Templates can be found in the FL Studio installation directory under ..\Data\Patches\Scores\Arpeggiator or if you select the Piano roll menu > File > Open score, this should open in the Scores folder.

Colors - The first 4 colors in the selector are used in chopper/arp scores.
Green - The boundary of green notes defines the chopping pattern while the position relative to C5 the transposition. For Chopper scores all notes should be placed on C5, this instructs the Chop tool that all notes of the original score should remain at their original pitch. For Arpeggiator scores, source notes will be Arpeggiated relative to the interval between C5 and the notes set, For example, C5 = no pitch change, F5 = +5 semitone transpose and A4 = -3 semi-tone transpose. So if the source note in the original Piano roll was B4 and the Arpeggiator score was at F5 for the overlapping potion of the source and arpeggiator score, then the B4 would be transposed to D (+5 semitones).

Blue - Defines a note that will not be chopped.

Purple - Purple notes are not affected by the octaves range set in the dialog

Yellow- Defines the length of the pattern, useful when the chop/arp pattern does not extend to the end of the bar.

The start of the score matches start of the processed score in absolute pattern mode, and start of each individual note relative pattern mode (absolute mode off). "

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