Ritmix by soundbridge "no loop function and I was told it isolated only to FLStudio"

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Tue Feb 04, 2020 11:40 pm


Ritmix by soundbridge "no loop function and I was told it isolated only to FLStudio"

1.) Scenario

•Ritmix a free drum pad "MPC" style vst available at https://soundbridge.io has looping function that I was informed by there support is "isolated to FL studio,"

•At first I was told that they could not reproduce the problem, so I did a video of me downloading it, installing it, opening it and the loop function not working.

2.) •Objective:
to my computer music nerds out there could anyone verify this and give me any more details.

3.) In Closing:
I'm trying not to let my bias and pride get in the way but if someone's going to tell me that it's isolated to FL studio and that's it then I'm going to investigate further.

Thanks everybody!
The plug-in is called RitMix
You can see it at KVR and follow links from there if it Sparks your interest:


Or just go to the source:


BTW: I deleted and rewrote my original post because I didn't want to come off sounding like a jerk and extremely bias I am more or less just curious because I'm not the type that is just going to settle for the first thing that I'm told especially if I'm not giving any real detail or proof. just think if nobody ever questioned anything where would we be as a society??? :idea:

Thank you to all FL users!!!
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