:) :) :) Belgian alliance in Puzzles and Survival :) :) :)

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Sun Jun 13, 2021 6:52 am


:) :) :) Belgian alliance in Puzzles and Survival :) :) :)

Good day, good evening to you all Belgian people, I know this is maybe weird, but I thought maybe some of you will be interested in this as well. So what this is about there is a mobile game by the name Puzzles and survival by 37Games, I am playing it already about 160 days each day and it is basically a strategy and puzzles at the same time, not bad game, there are global states and alliances in each state. there are tones of them and I am in state S89, fortunately I chose to join to Belgian alliance I am a lead in of that alliance and I am not Belgian, but Armenian so I thought to ask there as well some Belgians to join and fill up the alliance with Belgians and let me leave it to Belgians ... I know you may think what this guy wants to say, or is he weird or no, but I am only suggesting and informing about this. here is the link below for you to check the game and if you will need any guidance or help around it, please let me know, contact be through facebook:


and I will guide you with a great pleasure. I am not doing this for self promotion, I like playing games, I played this game and appeared in the Belgian alliance.

37Games: https://www.facebook.com/37GamesPage

Puzzles and Survival: https://www.facebook.com/PnS.37Games

I hope you will find me there, the name of the alliance is [BHS]Belgian Hit Squad the alliance alias [BHS] and the name Belgian Hit Squad (State 89, Belgian Hit Squad)
One is the look of the alliance, the other one is what you need to search to find us in the State 89 ...

This is not bad game, it is interesting I was trying to find something that has and puzzles and strategy and I met this game, I hope you will find it nice too for a nice gameplay it is annoying sometimes, but if you have money you can do in-game purchases and have fun with it ... Thanks for the attention, cheers !!!

You will have questions, please you can contact me through my soundcloud account, or by the facebook I provided:

The My Sanctuary is my second and the very first ally, the Max Pyger one is the lead sanctuary and is the second one, I created it in the other state when lost the first one, but later I immigrated into State 89 and joined them both to have success in the game, it is interesting and cool ... game gets updated, upgraded by the time, so it is cool thing !!! Bye
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