sex appeal in music has reached pornographic levels

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Fri Aug 18, 2017 1:21 am


Re: sex appeal in music has reached pornographic levels

TranceCrafter wrote:gonna bring back this thread. If I were to give my observations, it's that people have gotten more obscene ever since the advent of facebook, I mean there has always been obscenity in music but I genuinely feel that the music that is prevalent all over the radio, to the culture that is brewing in real life now in america, to the lack of concern for what is happening to our education system and ideas of morality, to a growing disbelief in science, to the children of our next generation which are growing up thinking its OKAY to F daddy?!!! like wtf.

you can't possibly say that this shit hasn't been increasing and getting more and more normalized. the music that is playing on armada is amazingly different than what it was 8 years ago....amazingly worse. the music that is being broadcasted in restaurants and our increasing trust in corporations for securty is going to f**k everyone over. we need good music and we need it soon. I hope to god I'm not the only one working my butt off trying to achieve that.
I think that it make sense what you said dude, in many aspects, I was reading all this thing and was kinda funny and informative. although some people call you grandpa and stuffs, I also see all this in all the society, the violence, the teenagers having sex at short age, the sex and those semi-pornografic videos, just imagine I live in new york and everything is seen from here like crazy, and I also think (some people doesn't going to accept this simple point) that the music also generate and induce to certain activities according to its contents.

I also have seen that it doesn't matter how much you try to explain or even make them understand, they love and support that (if it is murder, show how much money or possessions they have, talking a lot of nonsense ext); I'm not talking specifically about genres but content of the music by itself. yeah probably someone would think that I'm moralist or something, but this is my humble opinion.

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