Fruity Bird - Flappy Bird clone made in FL Studio

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Wed Jul 26, 2017 5:38 pm


Fruity Bird - Flappy Bird clone made in FL Studio

I really love FL Studio's controller mechanics -
linking them one to another, and even to itself, which allowed me to create...

Fruity Bird! - a Flappy Bird clone which works completely in FL Studio.

It features:
  • Stunning photorealistic graphics! (meh pipe, out-of-place FL Studio logo and boring background that doesn't even scroll properly) (20 Jul 2018 - also added day/night cycle)
  • Breathtaking sound effects! (saw wave pluck for jumping and horrible reverberated DC offset noise for game over)
  • Realistic responsive controls! (single MIDI note acts as a jump, and playing a chord sends the fruit into outer space)
  • Infinite replayability value! (when playing a very long session without losing, those pipes can glitch out and blink a little)
  • Customizable difficulty level! (change project tempo for speed, look in control surface on master mixer track for width of the gap between pipes)
I'm not even sure in which topic to put this, because project file exchange forum section rules says no 3rd-party files(although some can be tolerated) while this uses 2 sprites I made which are also bundled in, and song exchange forum section also doesn't seem like a good idea because this isn't a song! :v

So grab your MIDI keyboards, lower the buffer lengths for minimum delay, and enjoy this thing(somehow)!

(last updated: 20 Jul 2018)

Make sure that Settings>Audio>"Reset plugins on transport" is enabled!

(Also, if I'm not the only\first one who did anything similar to this, could you please link it to me? Not saying "look at me this is unique or prove it's not" or anything like that, I just really want to see what other people did ._.)
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