Haven't made any actual songs since years

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Thu Nov 23, 2017 3:15 pm

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Haven't made any actual songs since years

I only use FlStudio as a sound treatment over windows's audio channel anymore.

I lost all hope after making hundreds of useless songs that took so much time and that i ever been the only one to listen at while nobody cares.

Can't even find motivation anymore.

FlStudio's free and paid synths sounds like poop.

Directwave's orchestral pack sounds like an 1984 midi bank that maybe even regressed.

I'm trying to make some nice and soft song with harmor... Worse experience ever. This thing is stressing me up more than anything.

I just want to go'round, hit piano keys and feel like i'm not annoyed.

Making music annoys me anymore.

Anyone has an idea how i could get the maximum out of my plugins (i own almost every plugins) without going into a depression?

Didn't anyone even made a 20GB pack for artists who doesn'T want to hit the fan against down websites and infinite amount of clicks? I hate clicking. I hate waiting. I waited enough. I clicked enough. Gimme rest. I know i won't ever release a hit nor a song that will get more than 1x listen (mine). All i want is to relax but there's no way i can relax with all this hassle. The tiniest bump feels like a mountain to me so much i'm exhausted of running after packs, reinstalling windows, finding back my vsts, reconfiguring shit and wasting time. No wonder why i stopped making music years ago but whenever i want to get back at it, instruments sounds like crushed plastic melted and aroused around and it hurts. My ears. It hurts my ears. All i really want is to press keys on my keyboard and hear slightly endurable sound. Something fair enough to let me continue pressing keys without a sigh.

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