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Fri May 29, 2009 3:21 am



The rules apply in ALL Image-Line forums


Access to these forums is a privilege associated with ownership of an Image-Line product, this access is not a right, consider yourself a guest in the Image-Line house. We expect you to conduct yourself here as you would as a guest in a real home.

Any thread that is deemed by the moderators to be - threatening (flaming), attempting to pick a fight (trolling), has excessive bad language, or put downs (including racial and religious slurs) will result in the thread being locked or deleted, and a warning given to the offending poster/s.

If the offending poster/s continue to behave badly (in the view of the moderators) after having received a warning they will be banned from Image-Line forums for a period at the discretion of the moderators.

Continued spamming or other attacks on the Image-Line sites or forums after a user has been banned may result in the offending user/s accounts being deleted.

Nagging about removed threads or banned users

When we close/delete a thread or ban a member (usually temporarily), this is to stop a flame war or cool down an overheated/intoxicated individual. There's absolutely NO need to start threads 'wondering' where thread 'X' or user 'Y' has 'suddenly gone'. This is seen by Image-Line management as a form of ‘trolling’ as it does little more than reignite the issues that caused the problem in the first place.

Thought crimes

Various words entered in these forums deemed to be unacceptable (oldspeak) will automatically revert to the term acceptable to Image-Line (newspeak). Do not be alarmed, your posts will be 'double plus good' in short order. 8)

Thank you.
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