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Fri Jun 14, 2013 10:24 am


DJ TechTools Midi Fighter 3D

Manufacturer: DJ TechTools

Product page: Here

Supported in FL Studio since: TBA


1. Download Midi Fighter Utility.

2. Update firmware (support was designed for firmware of 30 May 3013).

3. Upload (FL Studio)\System\Hardware specific\DJ TechTools Midi Fighter 3D\FL Studio.mfs

4. Enable controller in FL.

stop: hold while pressing pads to stop tracks or press alone to stop all tracks.

scene: triggers vertical columns or grouped clips.

snap: bypass snapping.

(double tap scene or snap to 'lock' them on).

overview: displays an overview of 4x4 zones, press a button to jump to the corresponding zone.

queue: queues the next clip(s).

+scene: triggers vertical columns or grouped clips but adds to the existing triggered clips.

3 pages:

Press to jump to special page, pressing the same page again will go back to the previous page.

keyboard: Notes starting from C5. Use scene to enable Latch mode, stop to end latched notes.

Gross Beat: Link to Gross Beat effect slot selector.

system: Transport and tempo controls.
midifighter system page.png
Poly tilting (toggle):

When OFF:
-Tilting X & Y is global, 2 absolute params, even when you're holding pads.
-Pressing any pad and rotating sends 1 relative param (so you can tweak a knob by rotation).

When ON:
-Tilting X & Y is global if no pad is pressed, or for the pad's track if a pad is held.
-Pressing any pad and rotating sends a relative param for the pad's track.

You can adjust animation, rotation range, tilt dead zone/range/sensivity in the MF3D editor.

Poly tilting links:

Channel 1 = Rotation
Channel 2 = Tilt X
Channel 3 = Tilt Y

Poly tilting off: CC = 0.
Poly tilting on: CC = track #, starting from 1.
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