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Tue Aug 26, 2014 7:00 am


Numark Orbit (FL Studio)

Manufacturer: Numark

Product page: Numark Orbit

Supported since: FL 12.1.3
numark orbit.png

1. Install the Orbit editor software from the link on the Numark web page here (you have to register the serial number of your device for access).

2. Connect the device via the USB cable or the wireless dongle. Once the device is installed by Windows open the editor.

3. Load one of the mapping files in to the editor from this FL installation folder and send it to the device:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Image-Line\FL Studio 11.5 alpha\System\Hardware specific\Numark Orbit

4. Load the performance mapping for use in FL Performance mode with clip launching via the pads. Or load the song creation mapping for transport controls and note controllers.

5. Open FL Studio and enable the device in MIDI Settings. The device should be automatically set to the Numark Orbit controller type and the same input and output Port number.

Operation (performance):

Pads trigger clips in Performance mode in a 4x4 layout. Switch to one of the 4 pad banks to trigger a different 4x4 zone of Clips.

Operation (song creation):

Pads on the first bank are transport controls. Pads on the other 3 banks are note controllers. The 4th Jog wheel on all banks changes the target channel.

Pad bank 1:

Play - Stop ----- Metronome - Tap tempo
Rec - Song/Patt ----- Nudge minus - Nudge plus
Wait for input - Overdub ----- Rewind - Fast forward
Loop rec - Step input ----- Undo Up - Undo/redo

Jog 1 = Generic
Jog 2 = Marker
Jog 3 = Tempo
Jog 4 = Channel

Pad bank 2: Major notes
Pad bank 3: Slicex notes
Pad bank 4: Aeolian notes

Linking controllers:

Right click a parameter, select Link to controller, enable Auto detect and turn the jog wheel to link it to that parameter.

Right click a parameter, select Link to controller, enable Auto detect and press a pad to link it to that parameter. This overrides its existing usage of either clip launching or note control.

The shoulder buttons enable X and Y tilt control. Hold a shoulder button, right click a parameter, select Link to controller, enable Auto detect and move the device to link it to that parameter.

Try linking both to Fruity XY Controller so you can apply speed and acceleration for smoothing.

Link a shoulder button itself to the on/off parameter of an effect your controlling with the XY, so its only active when held for example.
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