Asparion D400

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Mon May 10, 2021 11:23 pm


Asparion D400

Asparion D400
Asparion D400TFS.jpg

Manufacturer: Asparion
Product Page: D400
Supported since: FL Studio 20.7

- Up to 8 D400F extenders with up to 64 motorized faders
- Freely assignable endless rotary encoders with LED ring
- 2x8 character per channel OLED display

Asparion D400T 3FS.jpeg

Asparion D400T FL Layout.png


If you want double click functionality activate it in the code settings in Asparion Configurator
Asparion D400T double click.png

If you want to use the buttons 1-8 as trigger buttons choose this setting in Asparion Configurator
Asparion D400T buttons 1-8.png

You can choose between options in the script.

Code: Select all

# Settings
# Users can adjust these settings to their liking, set "False" or "True"

SelectFirstTrackAtBankChange = False
ScrollToFirstTrackAtBankChange = False
SelectMultipleChannelsWithFaderTouch = False
SelectMultipleChannelsWithSelectButton = False

All files needed including setup instructions can be downloaded from the product page.

If you experience any problem or have suggestions for improvements, please contact us.
Contact: or directly here in the forum.
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