Cakewalk A-Series

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Fri Apr 09, 2010 3:49 pm


Cakewalk A-Series

Supported since: FL Studio 10

Setup in FL Studio 10:

In the MIDI settings, enable BOTH "A-PRO 1" & "A-PRO 2" (normally both already detected as "Cakewalk A-Series" type), as knobs & keys go through different ports.

Either switch to control map 0, or press the ACT button.

B1: undo
B2: step edit
B3: blend recorded notes
B4: add marker (playlist, Edison..)

Pause (because redundant): switch pattern/song mode

|<, >|: previous/next marker (playlist, Edison)

Other transport buttons work as expected, and all other controls are freely mappable.

In ACT mode, the "ACT function" endless knob works as endless. Use Tools->Last tweaked->Override volatile link... to assign it as working on the last touched GUI control.

Remember that you can assign notes to parameters, thus the A1..A8 pads, along with the hold function, can be used to automate events.
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