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Mon Oct 03, 2011 3:57 am


Groove Machine Generic Controller

Groove Machine to ALL controllers when used in FL Studio.

This mapping should significantly improve the ability of Groove Machine to recognize your controllers knobs, sliders, pads and switches.


Put the file 'Fruity Wrapper - Groove Machine.flmapping' in the following folder

..:/Program Files (x86)/Image-Line/FL Studio [X]/System/Config/Mapping/Generic/(generic controller)/Fruity Wrapper - Groove Machine.flmapping

Where [X] = the version of FL Studio you are using.


Open your F10 > MIDI settings in FL Studio and select 'Controller type: (generic controller)'


Now you should be able to link controller knobs/sliders/wheels in Groove Machine using the internal linking system found on the upper-right side of the interface.

1. Tweak a controller control
2. Tweak an interface control
3. Click the link symbol in Groove Machine

See the Groove Machine Manual section on linking for more details.


You may find some controls don't link to Groove Machine GUI targets and latch on/off as expected, in this case you will need to consult the manual for your controller and set them to 'toggle' mode. Toggle mode? - Specific to many controllers it may be possible to assign MIDI CC numbers to certain controls so they toggle between two values. This means that one value is sent the first time it is pressed (e.g. 127) , and another value (e.g. 0) is sent the next time it is pressed. Groove Machine can respond to these two CC values to turn GUI target switches on and off. Many controllers allow you to customize these toggle values.

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