AC-7 Core (iPad Mackie MCU Sim App)

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Wed Nov 16, 2011 12:09 pm


AC-7 Core (iPad Mackie MCU Sim App)

Manufacturer: Saitara Software

Product page: Here.


AC-7 Core iPad App emulates a Mackie Control Universal unit. You can set this to control the FL Studio mixer with feedback and various other parameters, by using the same settings you would use for a real MCU unit [see here]. ... 15394?mt=8

To setup a Wi-Fi connection between Windows and your iPad run rtpMIDI network software and create a new session using your iPad.

Load FL Studio and a new MIDI input and output will appear available in MIDI options, given the name that your PC has in Windows.

Select and enable the input and set it to 'Mackie Control Universal' MIDI controller type from the drop down menu. Set the output to Port number 102 (for feedback).

[see here].

Load AC-7 on your iPad. Press the mode button until 'FL Studio mode' is active.

The AC-7 mixer will reflect the FL Studio mixer, which you can then control directly from the iPad. Use the bank navigation buttons to view and control different parts of the mixer. Use the buttons on the right for various other commands. Take care to get used to the various controls as they will directly effect your project.
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