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Tue Jan 17, 2012 3:32 am


Native Instruments MASCHINE

Manufacturer: Native Instruments

Click here for Maschine Mikro

Supported since: FL Studio 10.5 beta

Controller works as a drum machine and clip launcher.


1. Download the Controller Editor from Native Instruments, and open the mapping file designed for FL, located in
(FL Studio)\System\Hardware specific\Native Instruments MASCHINE\FL Studio.ncm

2. Start FL Studio and connect the device, it will be auto detected by FL Studio.

3. Make sure the MASCHINE is enabled in the MIDI options.

REFRESH: refreshes custom parameter links in the free knob pages.

UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT/SESSION/TRACK OFS/CLIP OFS to navigate in the session in performance mode, or shift the keys in drum mode.

SCENE: triggers vertical columns. +SCENE: same but adds to the existing triggered clips.

QUEUE: queues the next clip(s).

SAME MODE: only triggers scene clips of the same mode.

MUTE: either press & release to mute all, or hold & press pads to mute individual tracks.

METERS: displays track activity meters, also press pads to mute.

G SNAP: SNAP off will use FL's global snap mode, instead of no snap.

In performance mode, each track has 4 pressure parameters which appear as normal, linkable CCs. In drum mode, pressure works as per-pad CC.

To lock SCENE, +SCENE, QUEUE or SNAP, press them while holding the ALT button (double-tapping doesn't work on MASCHINE, but does on MASCHINE MIKRO)
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