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Livid Block

Manufacturer: Livid

Supported since: FL Studio 10.5 beta

Controller works as a clip launcher and note or parameter controller with user scriptable pages.


1. Connect the device via USB. FL Studio will auto detect the device.

2. Make sure the Livid Block is enabled in the MIDI settings.

Livid Block Functions.png
CLIPS/OVERVIEW/CONTROLLERS: trigger clips in the Performance zone, displays an overview of 8x8 zones or controller layouts.

OVERVIEW: displays an overview of 8x8 zones, press a button to jump to the corresponding zone.

SCENE: triggers vertical columns or grouped clips.

+SCENE: triggers vertical columns or grouped clips but adds to the existing triggered clips.

(Hold SCENE and +SCENE together for SAME MODE: triggers only clips in tracks that are set to the same Press mode).

SNAP: bypass snapping.

First 2 knobs, top left, control X and Y performance zone offset.

Special pages:

See custom setup/page info here

Press OVERVIEW then the left most button on the bottom row to jump to the track activity meter page.

Press OVERVIEW then the second or third button on the bottom row to jump to one of the note layout pages. You can also create your own note, controller and system layout pages with the simple scripting system described here.

Note layouts control the currently selected channel or channels in the step sequencer window. Multiple channels can be controlled by different layouts at the same time by right clicking the green channel selection indicators to the right of channel buttons.

Controller layouts allow parameters to be controlled by a group of buttons. To link a controller to a parameter in FL Studio, right click the knob or fader, select 'Link to controller', enable 'Auto detect', then press a button on the layout on the Block. Use the smoothing knob in the controller link window to smooth the parameter changes as you press between buttons.

Hold 'SCENE' to hold notes, or to enter "temporary" controller mode. Press '+SCENE' to release all held notes.

Here are diagrams of the notes that are sent by each page:

C Major notes & Slicex:
Block page1.png
Block page2.png
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