(generic controller)

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Wed Jun 20, 2007 1:38 pm


(generic controller)

This is the generic controller setting

Basic Keyboards, Pad-controllers & any other controller without a specific support option should be used with the (generic controller) setting.

Making Permanent Links

The link system used in this tutorial is persistent across FL Studio sessions. These links will always be available when:
  1. The target interface is focused (click on it).
  2. No local links exist for the hardware control
To save links that are project specific and take precedence over the above follow the same procedure as shown above but substitute the 'Override generic links' option with the 'Link to controllers' option. These links will work even when the target interface is not focused AND load/save on a per-project basis.

MIDI Scripting

It is possible to script MIDI controllers from FL Studio 20.7 onward. This allows you to to support your controller if it is not listed. Check the forum here.

MIDI Diagnosis & Trouble Shooting


This is a great tool if you need to monitor your MIDI devices. If FL isn't seeing your MIDI devices, if they work strangely, you should first check that they work fine in MIDI OX. If they don't, the problem is most likely not related to FL itself.

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