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Fri Feb 10, 2012 4:30 am



Manufacturer: Korg

Supported since: FL Studio 10.5 beta

Support is made using the controller's native mode, to access things that it normally wouldn't allow.
Controller works as a drum machine and clip launcher.


1. Install latest padKONTROL drivers (very important, it won't work with the default ones).

2. Connect the padKONTROL to FL Studio and it will be autodetected.

3. Make sure the padKONTROL is enabled in the MIDI settings.

NOTE: Make sure to quit FL (or disable MIDI) before switching the device off, the driver doesn't like being accessed while the hardware is off.
CLIPS/OVERVIEW/DRUMPADS: trigger clips in the Performance zone, displays an overview of 4x4 zones or trigger drum pads.

NAVIGATION: navigates the playlist zone in 4x4 clip/track increments.

OVERVIEW: displays an overview of 4x4 zones, press a button to jump to the corresponding zone.

SCENE: triggers vertical columns or grouped clips.

+SCENE: triggers vertical columns or grouped clips but adds to the existing triggered clips.

SAME MODE: triggers only clips in tracks that are set to the same Press mode.

QUEUE: queues the next clip(s).

SNAP: bypass snapping.

GLOBAL SNAP: will use FL's global snap setting instead of the per track Trigger snap setting.

MUTE: hold while pressing pads to mute tracks.

(Double tap SCENE, +SCENE, SNAP or GLOBAL SNAP to 'lock' them on).

Note: if you wish to use the controller's special features, and don't need it in performance mode, you can as well set it up as a "(generic controller)" & use it in its default mode.
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