Selecting the right controller?

MIDI Controllers FL Studio officially support

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Sun Feb 12, 2012 2:53 pm


Selecting the right controller?

This list shows controllers that Image-Line supports, by application & purpose. Click on the links to see information specific to that controller.

FL Studio

For more information on setting up MIDI controllers in FL Studio, see this page in the manual.


These are usually small boxes filled with controls, for any kind of use


Piano keyboards

These keyboards also feature [b]drum/clip-launching pads[/b]

Drum controllers

Control surfaces / mixers

Performance / clip launchers (FL Studio 10.5 onward)

These are dedicated to clip launching, typically feature more pads (usually 8x8) & are "the real deal" including controller feedback and full functionality:

These are suitable for clip launching as well, but have fewer features, usually 4x4 pads & fewer feedback colors:


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