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Wed Aug 01, 2012 12:08 am


liine Lemur

Manufacturer: Liine

Supported since: FL Studio 10.6 beta

iPad App and template works as a clip launcher and parameter controller over a WiFi connection.

(Alesis IO Dock or IK Multimedia iRig Midi through a MIDI interface may also work, untested).

1. Download and install the Lemur App to your iPad and the Lemur editor (includes Daemon) and LoopMIDI to your PC using the links below:

Lemur iPad App

Lemur editor and Daemon

FL Lemur template

LoopMIDI virtual MIDI cable

2. Load the FL Lemur template to your iPad through iTunes file sharing or the Lemur editor.

3. Run Lemur on your iPad and load the template.

4. Run LoopMIDI and create a 'Cable1' and 'Cable2'.

5. Run the Lemur Daemon.

6. In Lemur settings on the iPad select 'Cable1' as the 'MIDI From' target and 'Cable2' as the 'MIDI To' target.
7. In FL Studio 10.6 MIDI settings select and enable the 'Cable2' MIDI Input entry, set it to 'liine Lemur' controller type and Port 141. Select the 'Cable1' MIDI output entry and set it to Port 141.

CLIPS/OVERVIEW: trigger clips in the Performance zone, displays an overview of 8x8 zones or controller layouts.

NAVIGATION: navigates the playlist zone by 1 clip/track increments.

OVERVIEW: displays an overview of 8x8 zones, press a button to jump to the corresponding zone.

SCENE: triggers vertical columns or grouped clips.

+SCENE: triggers vertical columns or grouped clips but adds to the existing triggered clips.

(Hold SCENE and +SCENE together for SAME MODE: triggers only clips in tracks that are set to the same Press mode).

GLOBAL SNAP: will use FL's global snap setting instead of the per track Trigger snap setting.

(Double tap SCENE, +SCENE or GLOBAL SNAP to 'lock' them on).

Demo video:

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