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Fri Oct 19, 2012 1:47 pm


Keith McMillen QuNeo

Manufacturer: Keith McMillen Instruments

Product page: Here

Supported since: FL STUDIO 10.9


Install the QuNeo editor software from here:

Make sure FL is not running then open the editor and update the firmware from the Hardware menu if needed. Then import the FL Studio Preset as in this screenshot:
QuNeo Setup.png
Press Update All, close the editor and open FL. Enable the device in FL MIDI Settings. It should be automatically set to Port 155 in Input and Output and the QuNeo Controller type.

Note that the mixer faders are actually just freely linkable faders. They are not hard linked to the mixer.

Each corner of each pad works like 4 pads. So it controls an 8x8 grid of clips at a time instead of just a 4x4 grid. If you press in the center of a pad you may trigger an unexpected clip.
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