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K o a l a
Mon Dec 31, 2018 12:36 am


M-Audio Axiom 49: Linking transport controls  Topic is solved


I had a heck of a time getting transport panel controls to work directly on my M-Audio Axiom 49 (gen 1), so I figured I would share the steps I used that finally worked.

I tried selecting several of the bespoke options for my MIDI input controller types, such as the Oxygen 49, and the Mackie Control Universal, but they didn’t work.

So eventually I reconfigured the MMC codes for the physical transport buttons on my Axiom, and it works now as generic controller.

MMC Command numbers
01. Stop
02. Play
04. Forward
05. Rewind
06. Record toggle

Note: These prompts will not wait long, so do these steps in quick succession.
First, press the button you will configure. In this example: the [Record] button.
Next, press the [Ctrl Assign] button. Type “149” using the num pad.
Then, press the [Chan Assign] button. Type “127”.
Finally, press the [Data 2] button. Type “06”.
You should now see that the [Record] button toggles the record control in FL studio. =)
Repeat this process for each of the remaining transport buttons, and remember to first press the new button.

Once it is all working to your satisfaction, remember to save your changes to a store location of your choice:
Press [Store] button, then type a number of a location. This was my first and only configuration, so I used “01”.

*149 means MMC commands
*127 means transport subset of commands
*06 indicates the record command from the list above

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