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Thu Jan 11, 2018 3:34 am

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MPK261 won't save the changes I make to the FL Studio preset

Recently bought the MPK261, what an amazing keyboard.

Although I'm really having a hard time trying to save the keyboard tweaks to work with FL Studio.

I followed this tutorial;

Having issues particularly with the transport controls (Play, pause, rewind etc)

Basically, the MPK261 comes with presets for different DAWs. I've loaded FL Studio, but I have to still change the play pause buttons to respond to FL Studio's play pause etc, by changing the "Transport type" to "MMC" instead of the default "Midi CC" (which comes default with the FL studio preset, but doesn't work with the transport controls)
I save all changes as globals (by pushing the rotary button down, and it says "Saving globals") but it still doesn't seem to retain the changes.

Not only that, the "Preview" and "Loop" buttons won't work at all. I'm sure they'll work fine if I assign them to a parameter in FL studio manually, but I'd like the "Loop" button to at least work as a Pattern / Song switcher.

Anyone dealt with the MPK 1 or 2 keyboards?
Any ideas?

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