CC message control for orchestral music.

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Fri Jun 01, 2018 11:50 pm

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CC message control for orchestral music.

I use East West Composer Cloud with Fl Studio and compose orchestral compositions using it.

I started using Fl Studio back at FL Studio 3, and I appreciate Fl Studio was not developed primarily for orchestral music.

I’ve solved most problems in my workflow, but I have one issue left I haven’t been able to solve, so I’m looking for help.

When I load the Play Engine I will usually run 4 or 5 midi channels with different articulations. For example if a load the Play Engine for violins I will add ‘sustain’ on Midi channel 1, ‘staccato’ on Midi channel 2, ‘legato’ on Midi channel 3 etc.

In the piano roll I use the note colours to select the midi channel to play that articulation.

Now here is the challenge. I control the expression of each note using CC 11. My problem is I find I have to manipulate a seperate CC 11 setting for each midi channel, so if I have 5 articulations being used in a single piano roll channel I have to manipulate 5 CC 11 settings. This gets complex and easy to make mistakes.

Is there a way to manipulate a single CC 11 setting and this effects all of the midi channel notes in that piano roll?



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