[Bugs] AKAI Fire Acces acces violation bugs macOS

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Mon Oct 08, 2018 1:04 pm

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[Bugs] AKAI Fire Acces acces violation bugs macOS

macOS 10.14
Macbook Pro retina 2015, direct usb port connection.
FL Studio 20.0.5 [build 84]

After Channel 8 the pads light up very dimly and I get acces violation when I try to do things like adjusting note velocity on the affected channel. I cannot scroll to the affected channel using alt+rotate select. It also gives me acces violation when I try to assign the channel to a mixer (by selecting the channel with the mouse). When I try to scroll to them it will only go as far as the first audio clip I dragged into the playlist.

The problem goes away after I delete the audio clip.

But there are also sometimes errors without the audio clip, for example adjusting the velocity of (multiple) notes.

After an acces violation error I have to restart the project, replugging the Fire isn't enough.

I'll edit this post if I find any other acces violation examples.

Edit 1: An acces violation bug occurs when clicking the select button on an audio track.

My workaround atm is inserting a sampler channel before the next to last drum.

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