FL MIDI Start,Stop,Continue behaviour

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Sat Jan 19, 2019 3:26 pm

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FL MIDI Start,Stop,Continue behaviour


This is driving me absolutely nuts, any comments are extremely highly appreciated.

Upon clicking play in FL Studio, the MIDI messages: [Start, Stop, Continue, Song Position, Song Postion] seems to be transmitted to Master Sync midi outputs, instead of what I would expect to be just a Start message, and this seems to cause problems with some hardware. The behaviour is mentioned in this thread, and I have seen it myself in kmidimon on a Raspberry PI.


Moog Grandmother has no issues with this start sequence and the arp/seq kicks in fine, but neither a DS Rev2, nor a Korg SQ-1 seems to understand Continue. Sequencer heartbeat light on both units just flickers on and off when clicking play in FL, and the sequencers never starts. Or rather, they probably do, and then stop again a few ms after.

Assuming that the problem with starting these sequencers from FL is indeed the FL midi code start sequence, - is there no where/way to configure FL to just send a MIDI start, in stead of start, stop, continue ? I have read recommendations to setup midi rules in MIDI-OX to translate Continue to Start, but I am using aconnect on a RPI and still looking for a comparable tool that allows setup of midi translation rules as mentioned.

A million thanks in advance for any help.


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