Questions about Maschine micro mk3

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Sun Dec 29, 2019 8:20 am


Questions about Maschine micro mk3

Hi, my brother sold me his Maschine micro mk3 which has 3 pads wildly deteriorred, and a few more that became much less sensible.
Top pads works with a very soft pressure, which is what i want.
They say over the internet that i can clean the contacts under the pads, but that voids warranty, and it's still under warranty, i would assume, but i'm totally unexperrienced with this material.

But anyways. My question is whole other.

How do i control FL Studio with Maschine?

Example, transport slider, play, pause, stop, record, follow grid, loop that could be used to switch song/pattern mode... and so on...

I did find that app named midikey2key but it makes windows errors instead of working.

I wish i could use "AntiMicro" but it's meant to be used with gamepads, not midi controllers.

On multiple forums they say that we can load a preset file for NI Control Editor but i can't find it on my Hard Drive, and nowhere on the internet either...

Tho, i bought MAschine without necessarily wanting to use it entirely, but just get the most potential of the ability to set macros out of the pads to control Windows softwares... For example, if i could get midiket2key to work, i would set a series of shortcuts to use with The Gimp, OBS Studio, tho it would be funny if i would use the transport slider it has even on Youtube.

I'd exactly want to get the most out of macros to make workflow in many applications much more straight forward.

If i could get macros to work, it would be easy to set macros for FL Studio, skipping the use of Mackie Control preset i was talking about, that i can't find anywhere.


I tried Maschine alone with Voicemeeter Asio, and it absolutely works, so i thought, could i load FL Studio inside of there and use FL as an FX, with an audio input, and output?
Would i even see a performance difference if i use Maschine to manage audio instead of FL Studio like i've done for years?

Anyways, let me know what you think.

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