iRig Keys 2 Pro not working with FL Studio 20

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Fri Jan 24, 2020 5:51 am


iRig Keys 2 Pro not working with FL Studio 20

I have just purchased this keyboard. I can get it to work fine in a demo version of Bitwig so I know the Windows 10 setup must be fine.

I am using the "generic driver" for the Midi Input as I don't see any specific driver at IK Multimedia.

When I press a key I do see the info in the top left of the FL Studio interface showing the note and the velocity and the orange button lights up.

So my guess is FL Studio is receiving the data.

But no sound.

Al my projects play sound fine so I have to assume the Audio is setup correctly.

This only leaves the Midi Output area as a problem I presume.

I have 3 selections

Microsoft Midi Mapper (green light port 100)
Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth (Fail port 100)
iRig Keys 2 Pro (green light post 100)

The iRig Keys2 Pro INPUT is also set to port 100.

Input is set to "enable"

But if I try to select "Send master sync" in any of the Output selections I get an error

"The specified device is already in use"

As I said, I can this to work in another DAW so I assume this must be an FL Studio issue

Thanks, love the software but I have had problems connecting midi keyboard controllers. (only issue)

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