Mixer track shifting in Performance Mode & Novation Launch Control

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Sun May 09, 2021 4:49 pm


Mixer track shifting in Performance Mode & Novation Launch Control

Hello everybody,

I'm using my Launchpad and my Launch Control XL with FL studio performance mode to perform live.

With my Launchpad, I'm playing some samples. These samples are assigned to individual mixer tracks.

With my Launch Control XL (LCXL), I'd like to use the faders to control the volume of each mixer tracks and the three first effects assigned to my Three knobs above the LCXL knobs.

The standard set up assigns automatically my 8 first faders of the LCXL to the 8 first mixer tracks of FL studio. But since I have more than 8 mixer track to control (I have around 100 of sampler so 100 mixer tracks to be precise) I'm looking for a way to shift the midi control of the faders & knobs progressively to the right in order to control the fl studio mixer track 9, 10, 11 etc... With the Lanchpad this is possible to shift your midi control buttons in the playlist with the arrows at the top of the launchpad.

With the LCXL, I do not find a way to do so. All the tutorials say that you have to use the "Send Select" and "track Select" buttons to shift your midi control of the FL studio mixer to the left/right. But it's only moving the control buttons in the playlist (I'm not using the LCXL to do anything in my playlist).

Has anybody encountered this issue ? Do anybody know if this kind of shifting through the mixer tracks with the LCXL is possible ?

A huge thanks in advance for your help !

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