FL 20.7.2 build 1126 - Plugin Crash & Plugin Drawing on macOS

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Thu Jul 09, 2020 8:28 pm


FL 20.7.2 build 1126 - Plugin Crash & Plugin Drawing on macOS

A few of my plugins now crash the lastest beta released on July 9, 2020. I get the following error

FL Studio ( has encountered an error and needs to restart.

Crash log saved to /Users/duwayne/Documents/Image-Line/FL Studio/Support/Logs/Crash/ folder.

Please use Cmd+C to copy this message and report it to support.

macOS Catalina Version 10.15.5 (Build 19F101)
Access violation

00007FFF373E0000:00007FFF373FF6FB: CoreFoundation
000000010B44B000:000000010B68A262: FLEngine_x64.dylib
000000010B44B000:000000010B691189: FLEngine_x64.dylib
000000010B44B000:000000010B8AA759: FLEngine_x64.dylib
000000010B44B000:000000010B8A9785: FLEngine_x64.dylib
000000010B44B000:000000010B8B5480: FLEngine_x64.dylib
000000010B44B000:000000010B5A8A50: FLEngine_x64.dylib
000000010B44B000:000000010B8085C6: FLEngine_x64.dylib
000000010B44B000:000000010B5E9ECC: FLEngine_x64.dylib
000000010B44B000:000000010B45E5C5: FLEngine_x64.dylib
000000010B44B000:000000010B48ED1F: FLEngine_x64.dylib
000000010EB33000:000000010EB42E7A: MacVclCocoa_x64
00007FFF39A9A000:00007FFF39B350DD: Foundation
00007FFF373E0000:00007FFF37463DE2: CoreFoundation
00007FFF373E0000:00007FFF37463D81: CoreFoundation
00007FFF373E0000:00007FFF37463BF7: CoreFoundation
00007FFF373E0000:00007FFF374628CA: CoreFoundation

and the second issue is (also found in the previous version) on macOS is seen in the following video:


Should this be in the beta forum on macOS forum? Please advise.
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