20.6 beta - midi overflow detected (using imitone+cthulhu)

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Sun Oct 20, 2019 5:06 am


20.6 beta - midi overflow detected (using imitone+cthulhu)

Hi, The more i play around, the more i sigh.

It's been over a year that i daily try to make my project thingie to work, setting up audio input, output, midi in midi out buying imitone, buying pitchmonster, buying polyverse manipulator, buying serum rental by mistake while i was dead broke for the current month, buying parallels rental while i'm dead broke for the month, plugging stuff in plugging stuff out plugging this plugging that deleting removing putting back moving.
Quick erase it.

I'm tired, Boss.

Imitone VST stopped working and it doesn't want to emit any note anymore, either in FL beta, or latest stable release, either 32b or 64b.
So i've set audio output + microphone output to VB cable A and mic dry to VB cable B.
Cable A sends to OBS Studio, pre-mixed.
Cable B sends to Imitone, so imitone analyses both my voice and audio input.
And well it's intricately all managed by Voicemeeter in ways i could barely even explain.

I've been onto this for years and years and i'm so tired.

Maybe you should develop your own realtime audio to midi converter?

All i'm trying to achieve, in the end, is to carry pitch of pitcher, pitchmonster, polyverse manipulator, with my voice and get nice and warm chords realtime out of it. Procedurally.
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