Midi Matrix 16x16

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Thu Jan 10, 2013 9:45 am

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Midi Matrix 16x16

There are several midi matrix implementations available like s-midi-matrix, prog8, midikarval, Philterplug's, and a nice efficient reajs script available. However, the ones I've been able to find and get to work within in FL-Studio don't quite seem to work the way I'd like them to so I thought it would be a simple enough concept try to construct with SynthMaker.

The intended use for this midi matrix is to be able to place it between a midi generating port and set of instruments assigned to the output port so that the midi output channels can arbitrarily be routed to any instrument channel on the to the same output port. For multiple midi input plugins (like DirectWave, Kontakt, Aria Player etc.) this allows easy experimentation with different tonal textures of layered instruments by sending any single input channel to any or all of the instrument channels. Just a click allows auditioning of a cello part in the horns, or an additional click and octave adjustment to hear how a lead instrument sounds layered over a pad or bass part, before or during playback. The matrix note filter settings also allows a midi keyboard or other midi input device to be split up into different key zones of layered and solo instruments.

midi-matrix 16x16.jpg

Synthmaker Schematic
midi matrix 16x16 v1.0.osm

FL Studio Plugin (this is not a VST version and works in FL only):
MidiMatrix 16x16.zip

Here, the "In Port" should be assigned to the midi generator port and the out port to the instruments. The red switches in the routing matrix connect the input midi channels flowing down from the top to the output midi channels flowing out to the right. The default diagonal red line of "on" switches represents the standard routing of Ch1-Ch1, Ch2-Ch2...Ch16-Ch16. The top row of green lights flash when a midi signal is received and the right column of lights when a midi signal is transmitted. The "8ve" setting allows the parts to be shifted to different ranges when the yellow switches are activated. For example a setting of "2" might move a violin part up to the piccolo's range or "-3" might move a flute part down into the tuba's range.

The note filters filter all notes below and above the defined range using the midi note name and octave. This allows keyboard split zones to be defined can be useful for protecting an instruments key switch notes from being inadvertently triggered. The note names must be in the format such as c7, a#3, or Db2. (I have used Trog Luddites "Note to Int" schematic for this as the built in "N2I" component seems to give counter-intuitive results.) The name fields are just for remembering what instruments the output tracks are assigned to (a feature of Prog8 I've found useful.)

Some notes and thoughts for improvement:
-This is has a larger GUI than a typical plug-in and is not too pretty.
-Synthmaker may not be the best tool to do this sort of thing with so don't expect the best cpu usage isn't great.
-In order to avoid stuck notes during playback, the midi matrix sends an "all note off" event to the output channel when (1) the red output switch is turned off, (2) the yellow octave switch is turned on, (3) the note filter range is changed. Although this allows live adjustments during playback, I imagine it may cause unwanted effects on some instruments.
-I had a hard time getting the one-shot that drives the green in/out lights not to latch up yet they seem to work fine now. If the green in/out lights do get stuck the result (although annoying) should be cosmetic.
-You could route data from the same generating port to multiple instrument ports by using multiple instances of the matrix.
-Don't turn on all the red routing switches at once. Really don't. The CPU may survive but your ears may not.
-Feel free to modify as necessary.
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