The presets by MaxPan are outstanding!

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Mon Dec 13, 2010 10:46 am

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The presets by MaxPan are outstanding!

I had nowhere else to put this... so forgive me. :)

I became curious by this soundset by MaxPan offered on KVR:

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Many of these presets are great! No joke! Oh yes, they are LOUD, and the author recommends using a LIMITER at the end of the signal path with Ogun in it.

This soundset demonstrates once again that Ogun sounds great, and the most clever of producers could fit it into a mix. What I mean is, I'm not an experienced producer, so Ogun's sounds often come across as too "digital" when mixed in there with too many other sounds. I don't mind digital sound, since I love FM synthesis. But once I created a patch for Ogun and composed a part which was disturbing to hear in the song I was creating at the time, and so I was forced to remove the part. Again, it's the result of my inexperience... did I say Ogun sounds great when geared the right way?!

I haven't seen a topic around here which offers these presets; if there is a topic... LOL, that's my laziness. :D

Thanks to MaxPan for creating the presets.

EDIT: I'm sorry for the double-post of the topic, I had a problem with my web browser and wasn't sure if this was posted.

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