poizone presets and installing latest FLstudio

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Sat May 30, 2020 2:31 pm


poizone presets and installing latest FLstudio


Hope all is well during this pandemic, and although its been a struggle for the world, I have been making music again with my time at home.. so it's been a positive for me :)

Iv recently dumped a lot of new presets into poizone and am worried that when I upgrade the new flstudio version, it will wipe over that folder with a default version.

This happened a few iterations back on a song I was making and stupidly saved it in the default install folder. Worried this will do the same to the presets..

I now save on hardrive and onedrive at the same time to avoid the previously stated.

Besides copying that presets folder, which I will of course, I would hope that a new update would avoid this sort of thing. if I have multiple folders of presets, having to save them all and then update them manually would seem like an issue the update software can avoid.. or am I asking to much of the update software ?

Cheers !!

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