"Reverse Engineering" a Wet Sample for its Impulse Response

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Wed Nov 24, 2021 1:03 am


"Reverse Engineering" a Wet Sample for its Impulse Response

Greetings. This is definitely a crazy question and I'm not even sure I'll be able to convey it in a way where it will be understood but I will give it my best shot here.

I have two saved samples of the same snare. One is completely dry without effects. The other is the same dry snare except it contains convolution reverb (or perhaps, it's normal reverb).

I also saved a third sample BUT contains ONLY the reverb signal WITHOUT the dry snare. This was done by simply flipping the polarity of the dry sample, copying it and pasting it over the sample with the reverb in it, completely canceling out the dry sample.

I keep the wet reverb sample because I can always just layer it on top of the dry snare in a sequencer and modify the level as needed, among other things. The thing is, I really like how the reverb sounds on the snare but I've not been able to replicate that same sound using a reverb VST effect or convolution reverb despite combing through quite a few IRs already.

That said, out of curiosity, is there any way to somehow "reverse engineer" for the impulse response that created the convolution reverb to begin with?

I can tell it sounds like I'm essentially asking how to generate something from nothing and that very well may be the case. I've scoured the net for anything related to the question I am asking but I've not turned up a darn thing.

Regardless, I'm definitely interested in hearing feedback regarding this question. I hope it makes sense as it is, but I can always clarify if I need to. Thanks in advance!

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